Liviko Liqueur Blackcurrant

Liviko Liqueur Blackcurrant

The bouquet of the Liviko blackcurrant liqueur includes natural black currant juice with a hint of brandy.


We recommend drinking it straight, with lots of crushed ice or in cocktails mixed with tonic.

Alcohol content21% vol
Volume500 ml
EAN code500 ml 4740050007043
500 ml PET 4740050007050
Packaging information500 ml, packed by 8
500 ml PET, ppacked by 12
Calories in 100 ml/kcal174
Allergenic ingredients free/allergenic ingredients presenceNo
Gluten presence/gluten freeNo
Lactose presence/ lactose freeNo
Vegan frendlyYes
GMO freeNo

Attention! Abusing alcoholic beverages can damage your health.

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