Liviko Liqueur Wild Strawberry

Liviko Liqueur Wild Strawberry

Natural juices and flavours have been used in the production of this bittersweet liqueur, which has the flavour and aroma of wild strawberries.


We recommend drinking the liqueur either straight, by adding crushed ice or in cocktails mixed with sparkling wine or tonic.

Alcohol content21% vol
EAN code50 ml, 7102000000165
200 ml flat, 4740050002581
500 ml, 4740050000723
500 ml PET, 4740050002093
500ml PET x 4, 4740050054023
Packaging information50 ml, packed by 20
200 ml flat, packed by 10
500 ml, packed by 8
500 ml PET, packed by 12
500 ml PET x 4, packed by 1
Calories in 100 ml/kcal216
Allergenic ingredients free/allergenic ingredients presenceNo
Gluten presence/gluten freeNo
Lactose presence/ lactose freeNo
Vegan frendlyYes
GMO freeNo

Attention! Abusing alcoholic beverages can damage your health.

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