Bacardi Carta Oro

Bacardi Carta Oro

In 1862, Don Facundo Bacardi, a wine and brandy merchant from a small town Santiago De Cuba, founded a first rum-making distillery in the island of Cuba. His idea was to “civilise” the beverage that has so far been robust and with an unpleasant aroma and taste. Bacardi succeeded in making the beverage taste milder by charcoal filtration and distil, by a process that was completely innovative at that time, a light-tasting rum that could be drunk as it was as well as used successfully in mixed beverages. This is how the Bacardi rum began its victorious march all over the world.

Years after the innovative ideas of Don Facundo which changed rum-making thoroughly, Bacardi rum is highly recognised and valued in the whole world and has found extensive use. Today, Bacardi is the most sold rum in the world, having won more than 150 awards and prizes in various competitions and confirming the high quality of the entire product range.

The taste of Bacardi Carta Oro includes the tones of ripe tropical fruit and dried orange peels. The aftertaste is long and has an evenly recessive balanced spiciness to it.

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BrandBacardi GMBH
Alcohol content37,5%- 40%
Volume40% 500 ml / 5010677028851/ packed in 12
37,5% 700 ml / 5010677028875/ packed in 6
37,5% 1000 ml / 5010677028912/ packed in 12


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