Nemiroff Lex

Nemiroff Lex

Nemiroff originates from the small city of Nemirov located in Central Ukraine. In 1872, the first bottling plant was opened and the Tsarist court was supplied with Nemirov Vodka. Soon, the vodka was being exported all over Europe. Today, Nemiroff is the third largest international vodka brand in the world and is exported to more than 72 countries. The product quality is of primary importance for Nemiroff. Nemiroff products use only the water from the city of Nemiroff’s own artesian well, and natural ingredients originating from ecologically pristine districts. All product recipes are based on authentic traditions and unique ingredients.

Nemiroff Lex is the pinnacle of the collection of Nemiroff vodka. The spirit used in producing Lex Vodka has been previously seasoned for six months. The vodka has passed 11 purification stages and up-to-date filtration systems as a result of which the vodka has acquired a real softness. The tender lime blossom aroma, slight taste of sweet exotic fruits and oats can be felt. The original bottle was the embodiment of the highest design ideals created by a French designer.

BrandNemiroff Ukrainian Vodka Company
Alcohol content40% vol
Volume700 ml
EAN code4820181420567
Packaging informationpacked by 6

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