Petite Pomme

Petite Pomme

The Petite Pomme apple spirit is distilled by master Distiller Hanna Kaur from Estonian apple wine using the pot-still method. The first drink distilled from fruit wine in Liviko’s distillery combines centuries of tradition in the modern art of distillation.

Liviko Distillery’s apple spirit Petite Pomme is aged in oak barrels for 14 months and has a brandy-like character with the aromas and flavours of ripe yellow apples. The character is further complemented by sweet spices from the small French oak barrels used to make red wine in Burgundy, selected by master sommelier Urvo Ugandi to fine-tune the drink’s flavour nuances.


Serve slightly cooled at 13-15oC in a tall tulip tumbler glass.

BrandLiviko AS
Alcohol content40%
Volume500 ml
EAN code4740050005889


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