Star of Bombay

Star of Bombay

Until this day, the Star of Bombay gin is made using the recipe created by pioneer Thomas Dakin in 1761. All Bombay gins are made at the Leverstoke Mill Distillery in Hampshire, England.

The Star of Bombay London Dry gin has been developed for many years. The Bombay Master Distiller distils all hand-selected plants and herbs as small batches. Slow vapour distillation allows to take more care of the mixture and helps to better extract the essential oils of the plants and the herbs. Many gins are made by heating the plants in alcohol.

The Star of Bombay is unique due to the time-consuming vapour distillation used in making the gin. The hot vapour of alcohol moves through the copper distillation container filled with 12 plants and acquires the taste qualities of all of the plants and herbs. The result is a gin with a clear and fresh taste and aroma which cannot even be compared with the “boiled” gins.


BrandThe Bombay Spirits
OriginGreat Britain
Alcohol content47,5 % vol
Volume700 ml
EAN code5010677360074
Packaging informationpacked by 6


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