Warning signs

The goal of Liviko is to create a more responsible drinking culture. All domestic alcohol products and adverts in Estonia are marked with warning signs. We have also added warning signs to the adverts of all imported products.

In adding warning signs to labels and advertisements, we call on consumers to behave responsibly. We are using signs that have been developed by Eurocare (European Alcohol Policy Alliance).

There are three warning signs:

“Women should not drink alcohol during pregnancy!”
“Don’t drink and drive!”
“Prohibited to people under 18!”

These three warning signs are always in close proximity to form a whole. They are usually situated on the rear side of the label. Warning signs are not added to smaller scale adverts, where the logo of the producer takes the whole area of the advert or it does not have room for anything but the name of the product and the mandatory warning comments as dictated by the Advertising Act.

Attention! Abusing alcoholic beverages can damage your health.

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