Laua Viin

Laua Viin

Laua Viin is produced following a recipe dating back to the first Republic of Estonia. Laua Viin today is characterised by its mild taste, which comes from mild grain spirits and specially-processed water.

IkoonAwards and honors

  • Approved Taste2009
  • Approved Estonian Taste 2000
Alcohol content40% vol
Volume100 ml PET packed by 15 4740050006411
200 ml flat packed by 10 4740050002185
200 ml PET flat packed by 10 4740050002185
350 ml packed by 15 4740050002642
500 ml packed by 15 4740050002123
500 ml PET packed by 10 4740050003663
700 ml packed by 12 4740050002628
1000 ml packed by 8 4740050002611
Calories in 100 ml/kcal221
Allergenic ingredients free/allergenic ingredients presenceNo
Gluten presence/gluten freeNo
Lactose presence/ lactose freeNo
Vegan frendlyYes
GMO freeNo

Attention! Abusing alcoholic beverages can damage your health.

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