Vana Tallinn Marzipan Cream

Vana Tallinn Marzipan Cream

Vana Tallinn Marzipan Cream is a cream liqueur in which the unique taste of the legendary Vana Tallinn liqueur meets the freshness of cream and hints of slightly bitter marzipan. This mildly sweet cream liqueur gets additional depth from aromatic real vanilla and fresh citrus fruits. Crafted for the confident and spirited gourmand who is open to new experiences.

The aroma of Vana Tallinn Marzipan Cream liqueur is mellow and sweet and one can sense the taste of mouthwatering almonds. The taste of spicy Jamaica rum combines perfectly with the mild cream and slightly bitter marzipan. The experience is rounded out by the scent of vanilla and fresh citrus.

Vana Tallinn Marzipan Cream’s bottle is inspired by modern romance. The mature almond tree fruits and delightful almond flowers reflect the product’s gentle, feminine essence.

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Vana Tallinn Marzipan Cream is best enjoyed chilled with crushed ice. It’s also suitable for cocktails and flavoring different desserts.

Alcohol content16% vol
Volume500 ml
EAN code4740050006374
4740050006404 PET
Packaging informationAvailable in packs of 8 or 12
Calories in 100 ml/kcal248


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