Vana Tallinn Vodka

Vana Tallinn Vodka

Liviko proudly opens its doors and invites you to savor the brand’s rich history and production techniques under the Liviko Distillery name. The distillery’s first special edition product is an innovative vodka, developed using the London Dry method.

Vana Tallinn Vodka is a true symbol of spirit innovation. Its creation unites Liviko’s century-old vodka making experience with the flavour of the famous Vana Tallinn liqueur. In the resulting aromatic bouquet, Vana Tallinn’s sweet and spicy notes stimulate the taste buds for an unforgettable sensory experience.

Vana Tallinn Vodka epitomises Liviko’s values and principles — developed from over a century’s worth of vodka production experience.


Vana Tallinn Vodka can be served in two primary ways:

  •         Pure and chilled from a shot glass — the classical approach
  •         At room temperature and from a stemmed glass, to enjoy the aromatic nuances
BrandLiviko AS
Alcohol content37,5%
EAN code4740050005728


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