Split with water when you drink!

Liviko wishes that alcohol would be consumed more consciously, rationally and safely. That’s why we are partaking in the campaign for the responsible consumption of alcohol “Split with water when you drink!” initiated by the NPO Alcohol Producers and Importers Association.

Liviko is a cooperation partner of the campaign initiated by the Alcohol Producers and Importers Association in order to enhance responsible drinking culture and to acquaint people with practices that help to reduce overconsumption of alcohol. The campaign was initiated in March 2017.

“Split with water when you drink!” calls on people to have a glass of water between each glass of alcohol they drink. Drinking water while consuming alcohol is important because:

  • due to alcohol, one’s organism expends more water than usual. The drinking of water between alcohol helps to avoid dehydration;
  • drinking water slows down the pace of consumption of alcohol and helps to prevent situations where a person might get drunk too fast.

Drinking water and alcohol alternately helps to keep your hydration levels balanced, lessens the amount of alcohol consumed and, therefore, ensures greater overall balance.

During the campaign period, many catering establishments offer free water when selling alcohol. The producers and importers of alcohol include bottleneck hang-tabs with their products, which remind consumers about the need to drink water.

Thank you for helping us to create a more responsible drinking culture in Estonia!

The campaign website www.jootargalt.ee

Attention! Abusing alcoholic beverages can damage your health.

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