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The support fields of Liviko are carefully chosen and are long-term projects. As a domestic enterprise, we focus our efforts into nationally important realms that have a cultural significance we consider important for Estonia.

Liviko has been a long-time supporter of the National Opera House “Estonia”, the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and the Art Museum of Estonia. Liviko has been involved in re-launching and supporting the novel contest originally established by the Estonian Writers’ Union.

Liviko has been a supporter of Estonian yachting sports for some time. We have signed a gold sponsorship contract with the Estonian Yachting Union by which we increase our support to the Estonian yachtsmen for preparations for the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. For over ten years, Liviko has sponsored an amateur tennis tournament under its name.

As the leading alcohol manufacturer in Estonia, Liviko feels a social responsibility for advancing Estonian alcohol culture. We support the Estonian Sommelier Association as well as the Estonian Bartenders’ Association in their activities that value cultural alcohol consumption, knowledge and quality. We are a long-term official sponsor of both of these organisations. Liviko has helped develop and organise the main sommeliers’ contest – Old Tallinn Sommelier Baltic Grand Prix – and has been a consistent developer of wine drinking culture in all three Baltic states.




Attention! Abusing alcoholic beverages can damage your health.

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