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Founded in 1898, Liviko is Estonia’s national producer of quality alcohol and the leading alcohol company that operates in all three Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Building on a tradition of more than a hundred years of producing domestic alcohol, we are committed to meeting customer wishes and expectations. Skills handed over by professionals and experience shared by generations are connected to the state of the art production technology and groundbreaking product development. Ingredients from pure nature, modern technology and both large-scale and handmade production satisfy even the most demanding tastes. This quality makes Liviko what it is.

There are more than 70 alcoholic beverages produced by Liviko. Behind every our product there are dedicated experts who work with utmost thoroughness for the sake of developing the best beverage recipes by creating new perfect tastes. An ideal balance is sought by technology experts, developers, sommeliers and marketing personnel in all the product development teams. The testing of tens of recipes before completion of a final product is customary in Liviko. Our best-known and most loved trademarks of Viru Valge, Old Tallinn, Crafter’s London Dry Gin, Caribba Rum, Kännu Kukk, Silver Vodka and Liviko’s liqueurs symbolise our renowned good quality at home in Estonia and abroad.

Production in Liviko is flexible. Beside large-scale production, we can also manufacture small batches and several of our products have been created partially as craftwork. Next to modern technologies like coal and silver filtering and the cold-processing of vodkas, we continuously use distillation by means of the centuries-old ‘pot-still’ method, and we have preserved skills of producing crystal liqueur.

We distribute about a third of our production to different export markets all over the world, at tax-free-markets and travel trade of neighbouring countries. Our biggest export markets are the Baltic states, Finland, Russia and Ukraine, among others. In addition to our own products, we concentrate on the import of first class or premium-trademarks. We have been trusted to represent locally a significant number of top alcohol producers of the world and to sell their beverages – Bacardi, Martini, Remy Martin, Cointreau, Bombay, Botanist,  Metaxa, St.Remy, Nemiroff, Grey Goose , Whyte & Mackay, LeMarque, Boulard, Baron Otard, Unicognac, Fentimans and Lurisia, among others. The good name of Liviko and its indisputable expertise in the alcohol sector are also a solid guarantee for selection of the imported beverages, quality and good taste.

The wine portfolio imported by Liviko is prominent. A wine selection consisting of more than 400 names covers most of the well known wine countries and is highly appreciated among sommeliers and wine experts. We have assembled wines of good value for money under the umbrella-brand Nautimus, which represents a trustworthy recommendation of acknowledged sommeliers in the wine market.

Beside the production of strong quality alcoholic beverages, we also produce and distribute low-alcohol beverages and non-alcoholic beverages. In our rich selection of beverages, there are also waters, lemonades and tonics. In cooperation with bartenders and sommeliers, we represent Estonian alcohol culture so that awareness about the cultural consumption of alcohol would increase. We introduce our clients to good practices in consuming beverages and teach how to serve beverages from suitable glasses, at the correct temperature and in the proper way.

Liviko, as part of one of the most successful Estonian industrial and trade investment groups NG Investeeringud, is an international enterprise that is responsible, values quality, traditions and the cultural consumption of alcohol. The company operates in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and it belongs to one of the three biggest alcohol producers in the Baltics. We develop our brands with care and love, we present other producers of quality alcohol of the world with respect and we are a trustworthy partner in every situation.

Such is our way of thinking here in Liviko. Every day and everywhere. To be the best.

To your health!

Attention! Abusing alcoholic beverages can damage your health.

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