Kingsmill Rhubarb

Kingsmill Rhubarb

The masters of Liviko have 80 long years of experience distilling from herbs. Carefully selected spices and flavorings are used to make a gin distillate with the pot still method, forming the basis for Kingsmill Gin.

Kingsmill Rhubarb

Kinsgsmill Rhubarb made with high-quality grain spirit, specially treated water, high-quality juniper berries and  flavourings. This crisp gin’s flavour bouquet is enriched with fresh and juicy rhubarb. It is complemented by crisp juniper berries.




Serve with lots of ice and tonic water. Garnish with a slice of lime.

BrandLiviko AS
Alcohol content38%
Volume500 ml
EAN code 4740050007388
Packaging informationPacked by 15


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