Fentimans Raspberry Lemonade

Fentimans Raspberry Lemonade

The background of the brand producing unexceptionally naturally fermented natural quality drinks is presentable: the founder of the company Thomas Fentimans was the steel bottler from Cleckheaton, England. A local merchant turned to him with the request for loan in 1905. The agreement was concluded and the loan security was the recipe of ginger ale fermented from plants. The merchant never repaid the loan and so Thomas became the owner of the unique recipe. The drink prepared based on the latter became fast popular, the family business expanded and many industries were opened. The company belongs up to now to Fentimans family, owned by the great-grandchild of Thomas Fentimans.

Raspberry lemonade has summerly aroma of sweet berries. The taste nuances of raspberry dominate in the lemonade, balanced by slightly sourly lemon juice. The refreshing raspberry drink made of the best components is 100% natural.

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Shake slightly before use. Serve chilled.

BrandFentimans LTD
OriginGreat Britain
Volume275 ml
EAN code5029396003483
Packaging informationpacked by 12
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