Viru Valge Rhubarb

Viru Valge Rhubarb

With its many years of tradition, experience and history, Viru Valge is Estonia’s most popular and trusted vodka. Authentically Nordic and of the highest quality, it is the oldest brand in the strong alcohol segment in Estonia. This allergen-free, vegan-friendly new rhubarb-flavoured vodka, made from the pure grain, is perfect for drinking on its own or for use in making cocktails.

Viru Valge Rhubarb

Bright and clear and light pink in colour, the vodka has the intense aroma of juicy rhubarb with grassy notes. It is both sweet and sour in flavour, just like fresh rhubarb.


We recommend drinking vodka with plenty of ice and adding various soft drinks.

BrandLiviko AS
Alcohol content37,5%
EAN code4740050007593
Packaging informationpacked by 15


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