Viru Valge Vodka

Viru Valge Vodka

Viru Valge is Estonia’s most popular and trusted high-quality vodka with its own traditions, decades of experience and long history. The genuinely Nordic vodka is the oldest spirits trademark in Estonia.
Despite the deep roots and strong traditions of Viru Valge, today, for it’s production Liviko is using most up-to-date and modern solutions.
Viru Valge comes from the whitest of the countries. In summer nights, the sun only sets for a brief moment, and in winter, the ground rests under a white carpet of snow with the first frost veiling the clear bogpools in dazzling white.
There are no large factories or cities in Viru Valge’s homeland, the local people are scattered miles away from each other and, as research confirms, the air they breathe is the cleanest in the world.
The water from the cystal-clear lakewater and the harvest from the rocky Nordic fields also yield the truly Nordic vodka Viru Valge.

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IkoonAwards and honors

  • The SIP Awards 2016 -silver medal& Consumer’s Choice Awards
  • The SIP Awards 2015- gold medal
  • International Wine and Spirits Competition” (IWSC) in London- gold medal
  • The International Wine and Spirit Competition 2013 – silver medal
  • The International Wine and Spirit Competition 2010 - silver medal
  • Estonia’s best alcoholic beverage 2010
  • Approved Taste 2009
  • Approved Estonian Taste 2000
Alcohol content40%
Volume50 ml / EAN 4740050002260 / packed by 20
200 ml PET flat / EAN 4740050002338 / packed by 10
350 ml / EAN 4740050002284 / packed by 20
500 ml / EAN 4740050002291 / packed by 15
500 ml PET flat / EAN 4740050002345 / packed by 12
700 ml / EAN 4740050002307 / packed by 8
1000 ml / EAN 4740050002314 / packed by 8
3000 ml swing / EAN 4740050002390 / packed by 1
3000 ml BIB / EAN 4740050002352 / packed by 1
Gift box with two glasses/ EAN 4740050007074 / packed by 6
10 x 500 ml PET case /EAN 4740050002352 / packed by 1
Calories in 100 ml/kcal221
Allergenic ingredients freeYes
Gluten freeYes
Lactose freeYes
Vegan frendlyYes
GMO freeYes


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