Hõbe Mild

Hõbe Mild

Hõbe Mild is a quality Estonian vodka with an exceptionally smooth and mild taste, refined by an innovative and softening botanical distillate.

Hõbe means ‘silver’ in English, and the vodka carries this name for a reason because it passes through a multi-level cascade filtration system – first a charcoal filter, then 29 silver filter elements that give the drink its pure taste. Finally, the vodka enters a polishing filter, which gives it its unique brilliance. Because of this filtration method, Hõbe has an alcoholic volume of precisely 39.2% – the volume at which vodka filtered through silver acquires the best balance between a clean aroma and a mild taste.

In the development of Hõbe Mild vodka, a special role is played by the distillate of iris root, which contains essential oils to soften the sharper notes characteristic of alcohol, making for a round, smooth aftertaste. Hõbe Mild is a smooth silver-filtered vodka that exudes faint aromas of dried herbs and candied bakery spices. The palate is guided by minerality, followed by a touch of salted caramel and dried herbal hints for a creamy aftertaste.



We recommend serving Hõbe Mild chilled, at a temperature of 5°C, which best emphasises the vodka’s delicate aroma and taste.

BrandLiviko AS
Alcohol content39,2% vol
Volume700 ml
EAN code4740050007838
Packaging informationPacked by 6


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