Bellingshausen Vodka

Bellingshausen Vodka

The silver-filtered Bellingshausen Vodka, inspired by a voyage of discovery to Antarctic glaciers and made in search for perfection, carries 120 years of vodka-making experience, as well as knowledge and skills passed down from generation to generation and master to master.

The taste of Bellingshausen Vodka is clean, soft, round and balanced.

Bellingshausen Vodka is produced according to a recipe developed by Liviko’s masters from spirit made of pure grains and specially double-treated water. The spirit is made from a mixture of rye and wheat.

The vodka created by Liviko’s masters is a bow to Admiral von Bellingshausen, who came from Estonia, and his lifetime achievement, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Antarctica’s discovery.

Alcohol content40% vol
Volume700 ml
EAN code4740050008125
Packaging informationpacked by 6


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