Hõbe Mahe Vodka

Hõbe Mahe Vodka

Produced in compliance with organic production rules, Hõbe Organic is a premium vodka whose name, content and packaging are brilliantly balanced.

Only organic grain is used to produce Hõbe Organic. The grain is grown in an environmentally friendly manner based on local renewable resources. Crop rotation is extremely important in organic production – different crops are grown on the same plots of land in different years. This tried and tested system has been used for centuries, and works just as well today. Pests and weeds are kept under control using mechanical and preventive methods. This takes a lot more time and work, but the results are worth it. Organic grain is good for growers, consumers and nature.

A filtering system consisting of several stages is used to produce Hõbe Organic. The vodka first passes through an ordinary coal filter, then 29 silver filter elements which give it a clean taste. In the end, the vodka passes through a polishing filter which helps achieve the outstanding clarity of the drink. As a result of the filtering method, the strength of Hõbe Organic is exactly 39.2% vol, as this is the strength at which silver-filtered vodka achieves the best balance of flavour.

The Hõbe Organic label is printed on real wood which comes from manually selected, carefully processed logs. This high-quality wood allows the veneer to be peeled without chemical processing. The thoroughly clean and natural process makes packaging made from such wood suitable for use in the food industry.


Hõbe Organic is best served at a temperature of 5 °C.

Alcohol content39,2% vol
Volume700 ml
EAN code47400500027425
Packaging informationpacked by 6
See morewww.hobevodka.ee
Calories in 100 ml/kcal217
Allergenic ingredients freeNo
Gluten freeYes
Lactose freeYes
Vegan frendlyYes
GMO freeYes

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