Social responsibility

As a producer of quality alcohol, Liviko has taken on the role of the Estonian promoter of alcohol culture and has taken the lead in the responsible and moderate consumption of alcohol. A sense of responsibility to its clients in Estonia and in more than sixty markets overall is expressed in the high quality of our products and in the consistent creative and demanding product development.

Liviko places great importance on the principles of responsible marketing. Liviko is a sustained and acknowledged developer of wine culture in all three Baltic states. Our aim as a promoter of alcohol culture is to offer recommendations to clients on the proper consumption and serving of beverages. We support the Estonian Sommeliers’ Association as well as the Estonian Bartenders’ Association in their activities that value the cultural consumption of alcohol, knowledge and quality.

Liviko products come with warning signs that call for the responsible consumption of alcohol. Our aim is to deepen the understanding in society that alcohol must be avoided by children and minors under 18 years, and by pregnant women. We consider it our responsibility to continue the awareness raising activities to ensure that inebriated people do not sit behind the wheel and that work and alcohol do not meet. Therefore, we add three warning signs to the labels and advertisements of our products: “Women should not drink alcohol during pregnancy!”; “Don’t drink and drive!” and “Prohibited for people under 18!”. Liviko also furnishes advertisements of all imported alcoholic beverages with these signs.

The payment of alcohol excise to the state budget is confirmed by the revenue stamp. Liviko has contributed to activities against illicit alcohol for years, having been one of the initiators of developing revenue stamps and the supporters of making revenue stamps more secure. Alcohol that is produced in unchecked conditions and has unknown composition may be deadly dangerous to human health and it damages Estonia’s economy.

Liviko is a producer of quality alcohol. Our renowned brands Old Tallinn, Viru Valge and Crafter’s London Dry Gin are simultaneously renowned brands of Estonia as a whole. We know that Estonia is known all over the world by our products that are developed with care and love.

Attention! Abusing alcoholic beverages can damage your health.

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