Bacardi & Cola

Bacardi & Cola

Bacardi is the best-selling rum in the world. Bacardi has won more than 150 prizes and recognitions at different exhibitions, in so doing providing assurance of the highest quality for the whole product range. Thus, Bacardi rum has become the most awarded premium-class rum in the world. The legendary Cuba Libre, Bacardi rum with Coca-Cola, contains something mysteriously attractive, as 110 years later, approximately six million glasses of this cocktail that has strong historical Cuban connections are drunk every day.

The origins of the genuine Cuba Libre reach back to the Cuban War of Independence in 1898, when Colonel Theodore Roosevelt landed in Cuba with a large expeditionary force of American troops. The soldiers introduced Coca-Cola to Cuba. The first condition for the birth of the cocktail was in place. In August 1900, when Captain Russell from the US Signal Corps celebrated victory in an American Bar in Havana, he ordered Bacardi rum and Coke served with a fresh lime slice. Thus, the legend was born. The new combination sparked interest in his companions and soon, the whole bar was drinking his concoction. Captain Russell uttered the legendary toast for celebrating the freedom of Cuba: “Por Cuba libre!“ (“Freedom for Cuba” in Spanish). The words have a special political meaning and the phrase was used by both Cubans and Americans. It seemed quite natural that the American soldiers chose such a popular slogan for this drink and started to use it, as they considered this drink to be the eternal Cuban drink.

BrandBacardi GMBH
Alcohol content5% vol
Volume250 ml
EAN code5010677524698
Packaging informationpacked by 24


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