Bombay Sapphire Dry Gin

Bombay Sapphire Dry Gin

Bombay Sapphire is a contemporary, luxurious gin produced according to old traditions. Whereas most gins contain four to five main vegetable components, at least 10 different plants are used in making Bombay Sapphire, providing a pleasantly refined and balanced taste. The flavour is completely different compared with other London Dry Gins – milder, subtler, and more balanced. Thanks to the use of century-old copper distillation vessels and the 10 main vegetable components carefully chosen by recognised masters, Bombay Sapphire has achieved the reputation as the world’s most excellent London Dry Gin.

BrandThe Bombay Spirits
OriginGreat Britain
Alcohol content40% vol and 47% vol
Volume50 ml 47%
500 ml 47%
700 ml 40%
1000 ml 40%
EAN code50 ml 47% / 7100040004617
500 ml 47% / 5010677713009
700 ml 40% / 5010677714006
1000 ml 40% / 5010677716000
Packaging information50 ml 47% / pakcked by 120
500 ml 47% / packed by 12
700 ml 40% / packed by 6
1000 ml 40% / packed by 6

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