Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum

Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum

In 1703 Sir John Gay Alleyne started the production of rum on the Island of Barbados. According to this historical year Mount Gay Rum is the world’s oldest trademark of rum. The rum which invented rum. The Island of Barbados emerged from corals and the rum is made by using local spring water filtered through the corals. This makes Mount Gay rums unique in the world. The drink is made by single and double pot distillation and this matures in small oak casks manufactured in the State of Kentucky in the United States of America. Thanks to high quality ingredients Mount Gay rums are highly valued and have received numerous gold medals at the competitions of different drinks.
Mount Gay rums are known for their very mild taste where sweet almonds, vanilla, roasted coffee and ripe banana topnotes can be felt. The Island of Barbados is a famous centre of sailors and Mount Gay Rum has sponsored more than 140 regattas all over the world.

The most recent product of Master Blender Allen Smith. Black Barrel has been made of small selection of best rums. This handicraft rum has been mixed of the rums made by double pot distillation and the matured rums made by column distillation. These rums made by two different distillation methods have been mixed and finished by maturing for the second time in small strongly burned and charred Bourbon whisky oak casks. Such unique method releases spicy aromas which are well-balanced and powerful.
AROMA: powerful and spicy, burned wood followed by fruitiness can be felt.
TASTE: complex and rich, smoky. Powerful spicy, well-balanced vanilla and sweet caramel.

BrandMount Gay Distilleries Limited
Alcohol content43% vol
Volume700 ml
EAN code9501007223504


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