Viru Valge jubilee edition

Viru Valge jubilee edition

The 60-year production history of Viru Valge is a priceless tradition, and the design of the jubilee vodka takes a bow to the creators of Viru Valge and the production of Estonian vodka. Viru Valge is a living legend. The vodka makers of Liviko made the first bottle of Viru Valge quality vodka in 1962. The hornblower on its label looked to the West with hope.

The mild, clean taste of Viru Valge vodka, which is made from carefully selected grain, has been polished to perfection in the recipe created by the experienced craftsmen of Liviko. This tradition is followed to this day and has been perfected further with modern technologies.

Who is the famous hornblower and what does he symbolise?

The hornblower has been an inseparable part of Viru Valge’s identity since the moment of its birth. Bernhard Jürno, who worked in Liviko at the time, came up with the idea, and the coastal cliffs and trees in the background were designed by graphic artist Paul Luhthein.The hornblower of Viru Valge wants people to communicate with each other. Meet face to face. According to Nordic folklore, calling people to come together by blowing a horn has been a tradition for a very long time.

Retro cars, music and clothes are so popular because they mean something special to everyone and represent many valuable experiences and memories that people want to hold onto. Viru Valge has been associated with entertainment and memories throughout its long history. We recall the popularity, 60-year history and traditions of Viru Valge with a retro appearance.

BrandLiviko AS
Alcohol content40%
Volume700 ml
EAN code4740050007395
Packaging informationPacked by 8


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