Boulard Calvados Extra

Boulard Calvados Extra

Calvados Boulard has been established in the year 1825 in Normandy by Pierre-Auguste Boulard. Distillation skills have been handed on from generation to generation in the family. Pays d’Auge is the best inner growing area of apples grown in preparing the cider and distillation of calvados in Normandy.

Full, fruitily complex calvados:
– nut-brown as to colour;
– the aroma is fruitily intense and honey-like. Dried baked apples, dried orange crust, orange succade, camomile, honey and sweet spices, complemented by nuance of chocolate and roasted hazelnuts can be felt;
– the taste of calvados is rich of fruits and silkily full. Baked apples, apple marmalade, roasted hazelnuts, marzipan, chocolate, dried herbs, clove, cinnamon and vanilla can be felt. After-taste is long, delicate and harmonious;
– the manor’s top calvados has been made of the mixture of the oldest and best vintages.


Slightly chilly at 14-16 ºC, in tulip-shaped glass. For enjoying as digestive after meals as an independent drink.

BrandCalvados Boulard
OriginFrance, Normandy, Pays d’Auge
Alcohol content40% vol
Volume700 ml
EAN code3152900001360
Packaging informationgift box


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