Grey Goose

Grey Goose

Grey Goose is generally considered the world’s best-tasting vodka. It has had phenomenal success in the USA – in the world’s largest vodka market. Grey Goose is one of the best-selling and fastest-growing super-premium vodka brands in the world.

One expert, Grey Goose mâitre de chai (master of wine cellar) François Thibault is of special key importance for the quality of Grey Goose vodka. The obligation of Monsieur Thibault in his mâitre de chai role is to observe attentively the production of Grey Goose vodka at each stage. The preparation of Grey Goose vodka begins with 100% first class French wheat which originates from the Beauce district of France. Thereafter, the five-stage distillation process guarantees the production of vodka with a more even, softer and more refined taste. Next, pure spring water filtered naturally through Champagne limestone is under the careful eye of Monsieur Thibault mixed with alcohol to achieve the full strength and optimum taste of the beverage. Grey Goose completely dispenses with the widely-held view that vodka is an anonymous alcoholic drink when tasted.

Its aroma is enveloped by a light note of sweetness which reminds the taster of a splendid French almond bun, and the nobility of pure wheat is also unmistakeably recognizable. The taste is full, smooth and buttery and leaves a long-lasting and pleasant aftertaste whilst melting in the mouth. A plain old regular bottle is not suitable for such a special drink and thus, Grey Goose is also suitably presented. The silhouette of a grey goose has been cut into the surface of a long bottle made of matte glass. The bottle also displays the mountains of the Massif Central in the South of France, from whence the pure spring water used in Grey Goose vodka originates. The heavy bottle is sealed with a cork and covered with foil.

BrandThe Bombay Spirits
Alcohol content40% vol
Volume700 ml
1000 ml
EAN code700 ml 5010677850100
1000 ml 80480280017
Packaging information700 ml packed by 6
1000 ml packed by 6


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