Crafter’s London Dry Gin awarded with gold medal for sustainable initiative 30.10.2020

Crafter’s London Dry gin was awarded with the CSR gold medal at the global travel retail competition Frontier Awards 2020. This award was given out for the first time.

The classic handcrafted dry London Dry gin is characterised by elegance and freshness. Recipe No 23 was born as a result of long and time-consuming work – the beverage architect distilled 40 plants before she realized she had found the right flavour.

Crafter’s London Dry gin’s character comes from hand-picked veronica herba, which together with juniper berries and fennel seeds forms a spirited and floral flavour bouquet. Veronica herba is always picked from the wild Estonian nature.

Liviko, creator of Crafter’s London Dry gin is the first in the world to use a completely innovative production solution – juniper berries processed in distillation, to make innovative zero waste Re-crafted Crafter’s Junibeer beverages.

The competition is organised by international media channels DFNI Magazine and Frontier Magazine dedicated to the duty-free sector.

Attention! Abusing alcoholic beverages can damage your health.

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